Personal Injury Law – Fatal Fatal Accidents – Insurance Companies

Insurance companies know that most families of accident victims are most likely bleeding cash due to all those unanticipated expenses arising from the fatal wreck. They have hefty medical, funeral, and other emergency expenses that need to be paid quickly. If their loved one was also earning family income, their budget is suddenly much smaller, and there’s little left to pay these new, very large, accident-related expenses. More on this website

An insurance company wants to entice you with just enough fast cash that might get you back to even. But what if that’s not the end of your financial distress? Settlements you accept from an insurance company before you have an experienced lawyer on your side never benefit your surviving family in the long run. Don’t let the defendant and the insurance company pay you less than you deserve for your wrongful auto accident fatality claim. Reach out to our Law Office quickly to learn what your case is worth. Then you’ll know whether the defendant’s insurance company’s offer is truly fair.

If you have a bad feeling about how the insurance company appears to be handling your case, trust your instincts. You’re probably right. Despite their protests to the contrary, insurance companies aren’t really in business to help people but to make money. The more creative they find ways to deny legitimate claims, the more money they make. This is especially true with most insurers who aggressively market themselves as “minimum coverage” firms, who take in premiums but drag their feet when it’s time to pay a legitimate (and complete) claim. However, we have dealt fairly with a few of them. Regardless, you should call a lawyer sooner than later if you have a terrible feeling or if any of these circumstances apply.

With Stakes This High, You Need an Experienced Attorney to Defend Your Family’s Rights

Almost any lawsuit is more effective when an experienced attorney argues it, but a claim as serious as wrongful death can significantly benefit from a lawyer’s assistance. Suppose you experience any of the following after the accident. In that case, it is probably a harbinger that successfully winning legal damages through an insurance claim or civil lawsuit may be much more complex than you expect.

If the other driver doesn’t want to give you his insurance information, or contact information or file a police report, he or she is probably uninsured. Or the other driver might claim to be insured, but you’ve never heard of his insurance company. The negligent driver’s insurance company might quickly offer you a settlement that seems unreasonably low or unfair, or its adjuster keeps calling you to ask you questions, wants to record your answers, then tells you nothing.