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With over two decades of quality experience in personal injury and wrongful death law, our personal injury law firm continues to help thousands of victims win fair damage compensation for their injuries or losses in negligence-related accidents. The primary avenues of winning such compensation are either through successful negotiation with defendants, their insurance companies and/or attorneys, or forceful litigation in civil court. We primarily specialize in personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits in Texas. These forms of civil action cover a broad range of specific circumstances and environments unique to each case.

This page is intended to share specific information about our areas of practice and a few general answers regarding personal injury law and other facts that surround our practice areas. If you or someone you love has suffered from an accident like those we will share below, our Law Offices’ knowledge, experience, and reputation can protect your rights, help you win your case and deliver the proper damages compensation you need and deserve. We want to make a difference in your life, at a time when you need someone to do just that.

When a person suffers death due to someone’s negligence, surviving family members have a legal right to seek compensation and pursue justice for their loss through a wrongful death lawsuit against any (or all) negligent person or entity. But having the right to ask for this compensation doesn’t make getting it a cinch. Rare is the time when a Texas wrongful death lawsuit is not highly technical, not only in its general nature, but in the way it is pursued. Not only must we quantify the value of someone’s life in cold financial terms, we must also clearly prove that someone else is directly responsible for it.

Such cases are emotional for all parties involved, and very hotly contested if they end up in a courtroom. This is why surviving family members always require the assistance of a capable  wrongful death attorney to ensure that their rights are vigorously protected and asserted so the family can receive justice for the death of their loved one. A wrongful death lawsuit can be brought when a family member is killed from injuries arising from a fatal 18-wheeler accident or some other fatal commercial truck crash, a drunk driving accident, a fatal construction accident, a fatal workplace accident, or any incident in which a person dies due to the negligence of another entity, regardless of whether that negligence is willful, or just the product of a series of unfortunate, but preventable, circumstances leading up to the death.

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It is important to realize that many injuries caused by an accident will typically not begin to show symptoms until a day or several days after the initial incident. Therefore, it is important to see a doctor immediately after your accident, but it is just as important to follow up and see the physician again after several days have passed.

Personal injury lawsuits cover instances where a person has suffered harm that is most often due to the negligent behavior of another person or entity. If an injury victim chooses to pursue damage compensation through a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim, the injury must have resulted in some type of financial loss, such as medical bills, time lost from work or lost income due to an extended disability. Personal injury lawsuits in Texas can be brought against a liable party for a wide and diverse variety of reasons such as: car wrecks, construction accidents, work injuries, medical malpractice, commercial truck accidents, product defect injuries, motorcycle wrecks, child abuse and negligent child supervision, etc. If you have been injured because of the careless behavior by another person or entity, you need an attorney to help you seek, and win, fair compensation for your legal damages that were produced by that injury, including your pain and suffering. And more often than not, a well-prepared case can result in successful negotiations with liable defendants in your lawsuit, thereby avoiding a civil trial.

Our Law Offices are known far-and-wide for our track record in protecting the rights of victims of big rig truck accidents. These particular kinds of commercial vehicle accidents very often produce terrible amounts of property damage, injury, and high loss of life. With so much at stake, such cases often require the work of an experienced  truck accident attorney to assure that a victim (or the victim’s survivors) is able to win fair compensation for the full amount of their incurred damages, including wrongful death, that are caused by a truck wreck. Often, there can be additional liable third parties that must be identified and also brought to justice. If you have suffered serious injury due to a wreck involving a semi, or worse, have lost a loved one in a fatal 18-wheeler accident, our proven track record can help you receive the fairest compensation available to you during this difficult time in your, or your family’s, life.

truck accident law
Dallas accident lawyers

The drunk driver accident lawyers at our Law Offices have over 20 years of relevant experience at winning drunk driving injury cases. We have a reputation for aggressively bringing negligent bars, restaurants, and the drunk drivers they cause, to justice through drunk driving accident lawsuits. We have expert knowledge of the new dram shop laws in Texas which hold negligent alcohol-serving establishments liable for their involvement in our a drunk driving accident. Our lawyers work hard to ensure that both the drunk driver who hit you and the drinking establishment that over-served the driver are held fully accountable for their actions and owe you significant legal damages for the harm they caused you and your passengers.

If you have been injured due to the reckless behavior of a drunk driver in Texas, or if you are experiencing the devastation of suddenly losing a loved one due to the careless actions of a drunk driver anywhere in the area, our practical experience and aggressive stance against drunk driver accidents will help you seek deserved fair compensation and civil justice against those responsible for your injury or loss. Together as we fight for your compensation, we also work to make our roads safer from not only those who drink and drive, but those who willfully or carelessly get them drunk, then allow them to get behind the wheel.

truck accident law
truck accident law
Dallas accident lawyers
truck accident law

If you’ve experienced an injury while at work in Texas, you have learned how they can produce a number of difficulties that add to the actual injury you have suffered. One of the major complicating factors for injured workers are the unique differences in each state’s workers’ compensation laws. Texas workers’ comp laws make it easier for employers to hide from liability for such injuries. Insurance companies work to deny your injury claim. Another difference is that Texas does not mandate that all employers carry workers’ compensation insurance. So, all job injury claims and cases must answer that very important question first.

As a result of determining that answer, this quest for winning job-related damages can often lead to misinformation given to injured workers for a wide variety of reasons. Not the least of those being whether or not your employer even has workers’ comp or any employee liability insurance at all. Our  work injury attorneys have helped thousands of work-related accident victims. We can quickly help you find out if your employer has workers’ comp or not, and what their workers compensation status means in regard to your legal options. We can also investigate your case to determine if there are others beyond your employer who must share blame, and the legal responsibility to reimburse you for your injuries on-the-job. It is not unusual for more than one civil claim or case to arise out of a single workplace accident due to the fact that more than one third-party might have been responsible for a portion of your accident, as well as your employer, regardless of whether that employer is covered by workers’ comp or not.

Construction accidents can cause severe injury or death simply due to the hazardous nature of the construction industry and the physical risks construction employees assume every day they are at the construction site. In addition to the initial need of knowing whether or not a construction employer has workers’ comp insurance, a construction company may also attempt to hide their liability for a job site accident by asserting the injured worker is a contractor rather than an employee. In such cases, the construction company tries to claim they are not responsible for compensating them for any construction site accident. They do this because contractors do not generally fall under their insurance coverage.

But with over two decades of fairly-won experience in helping injured construction workers seek fair compensation, our construction accident attorneys can investigate these employer claims and help you prove conclusively that an employer/employee relationship does indeed exist, and assure that fair compensation for your injury-related damages can be fairly won. And our comprehensive investigations can identify all third parties who are liable for your injuries and responsible to pay you for all of your lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering.

Car wrecks and the injuries they cause are a daily danger throughout Texas. If you or your family has been injured in a car wreck, or a loved one has been killed at an accident caused by a negligent driver, the legal assistance of an experienced car accident attorney with our Law Offices can protect you from an insurance company that hopes to take advantage of you. Without an experienced auto accident lawyer on your side, you may think that inferior settlement amount they offer which is intended to make you forgo any civil action is a fair offer is an acceptable amount. But regardless of whether it’s fair or not, once you accept it, this means you permanently give-up your right to ask for further damage compensation. And insurance companies, by their nature, are more concerned with their profits than paying your fair benefit claim. Our attorneys can help you understand the true value of your case and will strongly assert your rights to the highest and fairest amount of damages you deserve, either through negotiations or in a civil damages trial.

The personal injury lawyers with our Law Offices also help those who have been injured in other vehicle mishaps, such as bus accidents, ATV crashes, train wrecks, cyclists or pedestrians struck by vehicles, and motorcycle wrecks. Each of these forms of injury-related accidents has very unique elements when it comes to determining negligence and proving defendant liability. This can make seeking fair compensation from those who are negligent, and the defendants’ insurance companies if they are involved, a serious challenge without the help of a knowledgeable, aggressive and experienced accident attorney. Our Law Offices regularly assist victims (where many other law firms hesitate) against defendants such as government entities, public land owners, large insurance agencies, or aggressive defense lawyers. We’re not afraid of any defendant, their insurance company or representing attorneys. With us at your side, you won’t be either.

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Medical malpractice can occur at the hands of any healthcare professional or assistant. When the person, staff, or hospital that you have entrusted your healthcare and your very life, ends up causing you even further harm than the injuries they are treating you for because of some form of negligence, they can, and should, be called to account for your damages, pain and suffering through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Medical malpractice can include birth injuries, dentist injuries, pharmacy injury, surgical mistakes, improper rehabilitation or aftercare by any licensed healthcare professional who is a party to your treatment.

However, recent tort reforms in Texas have made medical malpractice personal injury lawsuits a great challenge to bring against medical professionals. And there are now limits (or “caps”) on the damages any plaintiff can win in any single malpractice case. This is one reason why many attorneys in Texas now refuse to take on medical malpractice cases due to these additional restraints placed on such cases by tort reform.

Product manufacturers have a legal duty to make products that are safe for the public to use. But they must also immediately make the public aware when they are not safe. When their products cause harm to a person due to negligence in either the product’s development or its manufacture, or if the product owner fails to notify the public if there is a problem that requires a recall, a product liability lawsuit can be brought against the company. These types of personal injury lawsuits in can be very challenging due to the often deep-pockets of a manufacturer, and sometimes the company that sells the product.

Our product liability attorneys have a great deal experience with many types of these particular cases. We’ve represented clients against companies, for faulty products such as defective tires, defective fireworks, contaminated food, defective crib injuries, or mesothelioma cancer. And we’ve successfully managed many of these cases in connection to on-the-job and other injury or wrongful death issues and have been the attorney of record in some class action suits as well. Occasionally, some of these cases have grown into class action suits. So we understand all the unique ins-and-outs of those cases as well.

Even if daycare abuse isn’t as prevalent as it used to be, it still does happen. And if the victim is your child, those low percentages offer little comfort if your child and family must deal with an abusive or neglectful daycare worker. When a person or entity responsible for the care of a child, subsequently harms that child, through either physical or psychological abuse or neglect, both the offending daycare worker and their employer can be held civilly liable for the consequences of the worker’s actions.

Our daycare abuse attorneys will discretely investigate your abuse suspicions, and hold those responsible for causing harm to your child when we find them. Many child abuse or neglect claims reveal that the worker and the employer are legally liable for damages, even if the employer was not a direct party to the harm done to your child. And often our thorough investigations lead to even further criminal charges against the defendants once we hand those results over to law enforcement. Our vigorous legal energies on behalf of your child brings all offenders to justice and holds them properly accountable for the pain and suffering they have caused to both your child and to you.

With summer temperatures that hover around the century mark from May through September, finding relief from the heat can lead to tragic drowning accidents. There are thousands of pools, rivers, streams, large lakes, stock tanks water parks and quite a few private lakes to jump into to escape our oppressive heat in Texas. Unfortunately, water park drowning accidents, hotel pool accidents, boating, water skiing and lake drownings come with our summer heat as well.

In certain instances, issues like negligent supervision, the total absence of supervision, the failure to clearly warn of risks or post no-trespassing signs, violating pool safety ordinances, intoxication, recklessness, a product defect, or other forms of negligence may directly contribute to a drowning fatality anywhere in Texas. Our accident attorneys can thoroughly investigate a drowning accident and clearly determine if the injuries or fatality could have been prevented. We will then represent your family in the lawsuit against all negligent parties whose actions took your loved one away from you, or left them seriously debilitated.

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So if you or someone you love has been hurt anywhere in Texas, the  personal injury lawyers of our Law Offices can help you win the fairest damage compensation you need and deserve. We’ll fight the insurance companies for you and take-on the lawyers who represent these negligent defendants and bring defendant to justice through either a successful damages negotiation, or clearly prove their negligence in civil court.

But the first step is for you to contact us, or fill out the form at the top of this page for a free consultation to find out every legal option that is available to you which will keep you from becoming an even more tragic victim of accident injury. Don’t let the negligence of others’ that harmed you worsen by letting them elude the reimbursement you are legally entitled to receive from them by law.

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